Where is Microsoft Excel VBA or Excel IDE

Microsoft Excel VBA comes with every installation of Mircosoft Office. In this short section, I will show how to launch Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Application). Excel VBA is a separate window where one can write VBA routines/programs, sometimes also known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Method 1:

My go to method is simply pressing Alt + F11 in Excel and the new window that launches is the Excel IDE. This is where one can write Excel VBA programs.

Method 2:

If you have Developer menu item/ribbon tab, navigate to it and then press Visual Basic Application icon. This will launch a new window where one write VBA macro. (Macro? Excel program or routine are commonly called macro.

What if my Developer tab is not visible?

For different versions of Excel or office products there are different ways. The best way is either to do anĀ internet search or use the link below:
How to Show Developer menu or ribbon tab in Excel

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